Below are links to some of Sarah's appellate oral arguments, showcasing her expertise and eloquence in legal advocacy. These recordings provide a glimpse into her approach to the law and her ability to effectively discuss complex legal arguments.


Cohen Braffits v. Shae Financial (second argument)

Aguila v. Planned Parenthood

Christmann v. State Farm

Cohen Braffits v. Shae Financial (first argument)

Brown v. Nationwide

Feasel v. Tracker Marine

Greyhound v. UTA

Feasel v. Tracker Marine

Arnold v. Grigsby

UTA v. Greyhound

State v. Rodriguez Ramirez

Hill v. Superior



SpencerWillson handles civil appeals across various areas including contract, commercial, tort, personal injury, statutory, administrative, and constitutional cases. Sarah and Jeff have participated in over 100 appellate cases, personally briefing and arguing most as lead counsel. They frequently appear in Utah appellate courts and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. Their work includes writing amicus briefs focusing on significant legal issues affecting industry clients.

Representative Appeals

  • Authored an amicus brief for DRI Center for Law & Public Policy and Atlantic Legal Foundation in drafting an amicus brief for Bissonnette v. LePage Bakeries Park St., LLC (2023), concerning the Federal Arbitration Act's "transportation workers" exception.
  • Drafted amicus briefs for DRI Center for Law & Public Policy and Atlantic Legal Foundation in Medical Marijuana, Inc. v. Horn (2023), on special damages liability from employment harms under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.
  • Authored petition and merits stage amicus briefs for DRI Center for Law & Public Policy in Laufer v. Acheson Hotels (2023), on Article III standing in digital informational injuries cases, addressing separation of powers concerns.
  • Co-authored an amicus brief for Atlantic Legal Foundation in Young v. EPA (2023), on federal scientific advisory committee composition.
  • Authored a petition stage amicus brief for DRI Center for Law & Public Policy in Coinbase v. Bielski (2023), on federal district courts' authority to deny a stay of litigation pending an appeal of arbitrability.
  • Represented appellants, a New York limited liability company and its Utah subsidiary, before the Utah Court of Appeals in Cohen Braffits Estates Development v. Shae Financial Group, LLC, regarding unauthorized hard money loans taken out by an expelled member who stole the loan proceeds.
  • Argued before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Corpron-Brown v. Nationwide Insurance, challenging dismissal of a first-party insured's complaint for underinsured motorist benefits post-arbitration.
  • Served as pro hac vice counsel before the Idaho Supreme Court in Christmann v. State Farm Insurance (2023), successfully reversing summary judgment on underinsured motorist coverage enforceability, addressing subrogation actions.
  • Appealed Utah district court's dismissal in Aguila v. Planned Parenthood (2023), successfully challenging a ruling on claims of negligent hiring and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Advocated in product liability failure to warn claims in Feasel v. Tracker Marine (2021), obtaining a favorable Supreme Court opinion after appellate court reversed summary judgment, leading to remand for further proceedings.
  • Handled appeals in Greyhound v. Utah Transit Authority (2015, 2019), focusing on indemnification and insurance in commercial lease agreements across multiple lawsuits and appeals.
  • Appealed a preliminary injunction in an FTC enforcement action in FTC v. Consumer Defense, LLC (2019) before the Ninth Circuit.
  • Represented boat manufacturer in admiralty appeal Darland v. All-In Boat Rentals, Inc. (2019), involving statutory interpretation of Limitation of Liability Act claims, settled on appeal.
  • Defended a construction company in Tomlinson v. Douglas Knight Construction, Inc. (2019), upholding a summary judgment on construction defect claims under Utah’s statute of repose.
  • Appealed for a medical malpractice plaintiff in Arnold v. Grigsby (2018), contesting the statute of limitation application before the Utah Supreme Court.
  • Defended a fire district officer in Pyle v. Woods (2017), addressing the constitutionality of Utah's prescription database statute at the Tenth Circuit.
  • Challenged summary judgment in post-conviction relief cases for Utah municipalities in Magallanes v. South Salt Lake City and Binkerd v. South Salt Lake City (2015).
  • Appealed for an asbestos product manufacturer in a wrongful death claim in Riggs v. Georgia Pacific (2015), and in Riggs v. Asbestos Corp., Ltd. (2013) for mesothelioma claims.
  • Advocated for a criminal defendant's right to funding in State v. Rodriguez-Ramirez (2015).
  • Represented slip-and-fall appellant claimant in Hill v. Superior (2015).
  • Represented a small business against an insurance company post-fire loss in Stone Flood Fire and Restoration v. Safeco (2011)
  • Represented a decedent’s estate in a civil rights lawsuit in Cardall v. Hurricane City (2012) at the Tenth Circuit.
  • Handled family appeals under Section 1983 and Utah constitution in Jensen v. Cunningham (2011).
  • Defended a municipality in a First Amendment retaliation claim in Doyle v. Lehi City (2012).
  • Appealed for a water conservancy district in Jenkins v. Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (2011), achieving reversal of an appellate decision and reinstatement of summary judgment.
  • Argued for an animal-housing business in Waters v. Powell (2010) addressing statutory definitions under dog bite statute.
  • Represented a medical malpractice appellant in Arnold v. Grigsby (2008), addressing statute of limitations tolling.
  • Defended law enforcement and municipalities in civil rights appeals, including Amundsen v. Jones (2008), reversing a qualified immunity denial, Clark v. Edmunds (2008), and Pearson v. Callahan (2007), co-authoring a certiorari petition.

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