We aggressively defend the rights of individuals and businesses who are harmed by the wrongful claim denials and other bad faith of insurance companies.

Our firm has successfully represented victims of fires and other casualty losses in suing for breaches of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing which inures in every insurance policy. 

For 15+ years SpencerWillson attorneys have defended a wide-variety of insurance bad faith actions including cases involving auto policies, CGL and business premises coverage, and products and completed operations. They also have ample experience defending negligence claims against insurance agents for failing to procure coverage, and procuring wrong or inadequate coverage.  

SpencerWillson lawyers have successfully pursued bad faith claims arising from commercial and residential fires, title insurance claims, and car crashes involving defunct motor carriers.  

We know the law on wrongful claims handling practices and the repercussions for insurers which intentionally and wrongfully deny claims. Our track record includes winning summary judgments on complex insurance coverage issues.

Representative Matters

  • Defense of Insurers. Defended auto insurance carriers from first-party bad faith claims in catastrophic injury cases with high-limit uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages in auto policies issued to Utah drivers.
  • Fire Loss Bad Faith Claims: Represented multiple victims of fire losses in pursuing bad faith and coverage claims against their insurers, securing compensation for denied or underpaid claims.
  • Bad Faith Against Title Insurance Companies: Acted on behalf of a title insureds in bad faith claims against title insurer in case involving lack of seller authority to convey insured parcels.
  • Negligence Claims Against Insurance Agents: Pursued claims against insurance agents for failing to procure adequate coverage, addressing issues of agent negligence.
  • Wrongful Claim Denial: Litigated dozens of coverage cases involving intentional and wrongful denials of claims involving fire, title, CGL,  professional liability, and automobile policies.
  • Co-Litigated with Industry Leading Bad Faith Practitioners: Co-litigated insurance cases wiht, and trained under lead counsel L. Rich Humphreys and Roger Christensen, who obtained record setting punitive damages verdict in bad faith case which was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, State Farm v. Campbell.

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