SpencerWillson, PLLC is a Utah-based law firm. Our attorneys have more than 75 years' combined experience representing clients in significant lawsuits with millions of dollars at stake. 

The firm handles lawsuits in state and federal courts in Utah, Colorado, and Washington, and arbitration matters throughout the country. 

We also represent amici curiae "friend of the court" parties in civil appeals across the U.S.

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We focus on complex civil litigation and appellate advocacy.

Commercial and business disputes. Our experience in commercial and business litigation is extensive. Sarah, Jeff, and Matt have successfully litigated and resolved hundreds of commercial cases involving breach of contract, fraud, quasi-contract/quantum meruit/promissory estoppel, unjust enrichment/constructive trust, breach of fiduciary duty, partnership disputes, inter se corporate governance cases, and business divorces. We also litigate fraud, civil conspiracy, alter-ego, successor liability, business torts, and fraudulent transfer claims.

Appellate Advocacy and Amicus Curiae. We represent directly interested, named parties as well as industry-affected amicus curiae "friend of the court" clients concerned about the outcome of an appeal. 

Land, real property, boundary, and partition cases. We have litigated hard-fought partition actions involving thousands of acres of land. We have won partitions by summary judgment, litigated and settled numerous boundary disputes, prosecuted and defended against quiet title claims, and handled statutory tree injury cases involving treble damages. We have filed and challenged various notices of pendency of action (lis pendens). We have challenged land sales done in violation of rules for executing on land by county sheriffs, and nonjudicial foreclosures. 

Trust and probate disputes, representing both beneficiaries and trustees. Our lawyers have secured major victories, including removing malfeasant trustees, appointing special fiduciaries, and preventing unqualified beneficiaries from accessing trust information.

Product liability and other high-exposure injury cases. We defend businesses in cases involving product liability, premises liability, and catastrophic injuries. We carefully stay abreast of new developments in the law of product liability.

Insurance coverage and insurance bad faith (against select insurers only). We represent insurers and insureds in specific insurance coverage lawsuits and bad faith claims against select insurers.

Judgment domestication, collection and enforcement. We handle judgment domestication, collection, enforcement, post-judgment writs (attachment, garnishment, levy, execution), judgment debtor discovery, and examinations. We also obtain charging orders against LLCs with debtor members, seek court-appointed receivers, and sell property at sheriffs' sales. We know about interstate judgment collection and how to chase money. Our experience includes pursuing alter-ego, successor liability, and fraudulent transfer claims against debtor co-conspirators and affiliates who act as straw purchasers.

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