We know how to collect a judgment. Some lawyers think their job is done when the judgment is won. To us, that's when the hard-work begins. Our comprehensive approach ensures that once a judgment is awarded, it translates into recovery of money and property for our clients. 

Our services include:

  • Enforcement of Judgments: We successfully enforce judgments through various legal mechanisms such as charging orders, receivers, and post-judgment writs of attachment, garnishment, levy, and execution. We handle all aspects, from filing to the final steps of enforcement.
  • We Find Money and Assets: We have connections. We know the best private investigators, forensic accountants, and co-counsel lawyers working in sister states. We maintain a nationwide network of trusted colleagues whose help we enlist in cases involving interstate judgment collection.
  • Sheriff's Sales: We coordinate and manage sheriffs' sales of personal and real property, liquidating assets in a lawful manner, turning judgments into cash.
  • Litigation for Extended Liability: To pursue judgment recovery, we file new lawsuits against concerted actors alleging alter-ego liability, successor liability, and fraudulent transfer. Such work is imperative when judgment debtors attempt to evade financial responsibility by concealing or improperly transferring assets.


Our team is committed to providing relentless representation in judgment collection cases, ensuring that our clients receive the full benefit of the law.

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