Our Attorneys

Our team is our greatest asset. Sarah Elizabeth Spencer brings twenty years of experience in commercial, business, and real property litigation and is a skilled appellate advocate. Jeffrey B. Teichert has practiced law since 1994, specializing in litigation, constitutional law, and corporate governance for closely-held businesses. Matthew G. Bagley, of counsel at SpencerWillson, has worked with Sarah both as a client and co-counsel since 2008 on prolonged contract and injury cases. Jehicob Torres is a law clerk at SpencerWillson who joined the firm in 2024 as a third-year law student. Together SpencerWillson offers decades of experience in commercial, real property, and tort litigation. 

Sarah Elizabeth Spencer Willson | Founder & Managing Attorney

Jeffrey B. Teichert | Founder & Managing Attorney

Matthew G. Bagley | Of counsel

Jehicob Torres | Law Clerk

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