SpencerWillson represents manufacturers and sellers in product liability and tort litigation, covering a wide range of products. This includes consumer goods, vehicles, watercraft, pharmaceuticals, exercise equipment, ammunition, appliances, and many more. They've defended landowners in premises liability cases, drivers in multi-vehicle crashes, and companies in wrongful death and injury claims related to semi–truck and aircraft accidents.

Representative Cases

  • Leachman v. Rad Power Bikes: Won summary judgment for an e-scooter manufacturer, proving no evidence of defect.
  • Biggs v. Hades Management: Secured summary judgment for a landowner in a slip-and-fall case, establishing no duty of care to a trespasser.
  • Elder v. Marriott International, Inc.: Won dismissal for a hotel operator in a case alleging dangers due to crowd-rush at an event.
  • Elias v. Roth Landscaping: Achieved summary judgment in a snow removal slip-and-fall premises liability case.
  • National Equipment v. Kendrick: Won summary judgment for a gas station operator in a case over alleged sale of contaminated diesel (settled on appeal after pursuing execution proceedings for costs).
  • Gygi v. Marksman Manufacturing: Obtained summary judgment for a trailer manufacturer in a design defect case.
  • Hautau v. Kiitos: Won summary judgment for a bar in a wrongful death dramshop liability case, with no evidence of liability found (final judgment certified, no appeals).
  • Feasel v. Tracker Marine: Secured summary judgment for a bass boat manufacturer and won on appeal.
  • Plustwik v. Voss of Norway: Won summary judgment in product liability case against a bottled manufacturer for injuries sustained by male model/waiter who suffered facial lacerations when pressurized glass water bottle exploded and sued claiming the bottle suffered from a design defect. 
  • Leachman v. Magnum Bikes: Won summary judgment for defendant e-scooter distributor, after successfully litigating choice of law issue and establishing that the scooter was not unreasonably dangerous or defective under Colorado law.

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