Represented a landowner in a case alleging violations of the commercial reasonableness standard during the foreclosure of intangible property under the Uniform Commercial Code (a promissory note auctioned at a public sale).

Handled disputes for a land surface owner against sub-surface sand, gravel, and rock mining rights owners, including seeking injunctive and dispositive relief, and involving expert opinions on the nature of subservient mineral rights and the value of wrongfully extracted materials.

Represented a landowner in challenging the statutory validity of lis pendes recorded in Utah lawsuit concerning equitable and fraud claims related to land, including commercial and undeveloped land.

Prevailed in partition claims through summary judgment after extensive mediation, referee appointment, appraisal, and surveying, securing attorney fees from co-owners.

Resolved various cases involving partition, boundary line disputes, damage to trees, trespass, mandatory injunctions and encroachments, and land property damages, often reaching significant settlements.

Achieved substantial settlements in eminent domain disputes with the State of Washington over power plant and highway expansions, protecting land value and use.

Defended farmers' rights against the destruction of farmland arising from Nooksack River flooding.

Recovered a farm in a seller-financed sale gone awry, including collecting overdue payments.

Handled breach of contract disputes concerning damages to land improvements caused by fire, negligence, or intentional acts.

Represented landowners in quiet title actions to clear or establish property ownership.

Litigated over deeds deemed void or voidable due to authorization issues.

Challenged title insurers' attempt to deny coverage based on pre-existing facts and defects known to the title insurer.

Defended a property owner against uncompensated land taking by a county.

Successfully defended a tenant against a landlord's false damage claims at trial.

Advocated for the Washington Building Industry Association in legislative efforts to downzone the Lake Whatcom and Lake Samish watersheds.

Represented a sign and awning company in a warranty lawsuit involving a commercial skyscraper owner.

Defended real estate agents sued for professional negligence related to the alleged failure to disclose title defects.

Defended real estate agents in proceedings before State of Utah licensing board in connection with alleged mishandling of real estate transactions

Litigated Utah statutory injury to tree claims, seeking and defending against treble damage claims.

Represented landowners in boundary line disputes involving border fences and adverse possession claims.

Defended real estate agents in proceedings before the State of Utah licensing board regarding alleged mishandling of real estate transactions.

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